Thursday, March 19, 2015

8 Years After...

I thought ; and decided to start a blog so I went to Word Press and tried my best to make it work and nothing. Patrick Rothfuss, a lovable writer who is a Joss Whedon fan (just like me) made it work but his magic didn't trickle down; so. Here am I 8 years later trying to create a blog that works for a poet (me), a voracious reader of books(me) and a lover of perfumes(also me). this blog is for me to share (if only with myself) my own views on anything under the sun and in space and to help defray the tumultuous feelings, thoughts, ideas and the like that excite me, depress me and make me smile.
I believe in joy although each day is a challenge whether it be the death of favorite author's, Pratchett,  Bradbury  and Diana Wynne Jones or one's heart being lacerated by" the slings and arrows" that affect us all.
Anyway. I was rootling around in my documents folder and found the address to my old blog and thought maybe I could get that going again. This is it. I have to change some stuff because I'm a widow now and all the kiddies are grown up and away from home, I also have another grand daughter and must rename my blog.
Books I'm reading now:
Ireland and The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney
Melissa, by Taylor Caldwell (a re-read)
A Blink of The Screen and Dragon's at Crumbling Castle, SS's by the late great Terry Pratchett
Everyday Tao( can't remember author but this book shows me my own face; I can scarcely believe it.)
The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones ( a re-read).
My favorite perfume is Violette  from La Bouquetiere and Rei kei created by Virginia Hey.
I'm out for now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Favorite Site

I am going to attempt to create a link of one of my favorite sites of all times, Down in the Zero.
Andrew Vachss (pronounced vax) is the owner of the site.

I recommend this site for those people like myself who hate child predaters and for those people like myself who love dogs.

RESOURCES at THE ZERO : The Official Website of Andrew Vachss

Go to RESOURCE section!

Monday, October 1, 2007


A lot of things that were mysteries to me aren't anymore. Things like YouTube, Podcasts, RSS feeds,creating a blog,etc. I enjoyed it especially the blogging. I've been reading blogs for some years but have never responded to any before responding to my fellow workers through the 23 things. I am,I have discovered, a "lurker, a term I only discovered lately.
I am going to try to not be as much of a lurker,loathsome word, and maybe comment on Neil Gaimans site;I mean I have met him once and I do like his books. Or maybe I will comment on Marly Youmans blog. I haven't met her but I have read all her books and enjoyed them. my favorites are filled with sites and blogs that I enjoy, maybe they would enjoy mine...

I have incorporated The 23 Things into my homeschooling curriculum.

Bloggers times are off always showing me blogging at 2:am and such. I am reading or sleeping at 2:am and in my bed not on a computer. Has anyone else been accused of blogging at a wild time of night? I mean at times I am up at 3:am but I'm certainly not blogging at that hour altho' I might be doing anything else.

If we did something like this again I would go for it.

It was real.

Thing 22 II

Project Gutenberg was recommended to me several year ago by lindabeekeeper when I was looking for an essay written by Thomas Paine on taxes. I fell in love with the site at once since it had all sorts of primary sources from antiquity.(History is my favorite subject!). Linda immediately became my personal librarian, at least in my mind, and I proceeded to print this and that from the site.

Even tho' I love Project Gutenberg I never plan on using audio books for anything. I hate the very idea of listening to books and whenI have listened to them I have to sit still and listen; I can't be doing other things while I listen, I must just listen.
So no audio books for me unless,God forbid, I lose my sight. Then Project Gutenberg will be for me and I will scour the earth for the kinds of audiobooks that I like because that's what I do now for the kind of old school books that I like.

All of this is not to say that other people shouldn't want and like to listen to recorded books. My mother loves them and I've recommended many authors to her. My mother doesn't want to be computer savvy so online audio books are not for her,but now that I know that Project Gutenberg and NetOverdrive have recorded books available I will certainly let the patrons know who already do talking books and maybe there'll be converts...


I found my blog about podcasting but not the draft for thing 22. It's ok tho' ,I'll live.


I blogged 30 minutes ago about podcasting but it hasn't shown up on my posts page, so I'm doing another. To make a long story short, podcasting didn't work for me ; I liked it , I tried for a week to subscribe to a Heroes discussion, to an Anime discussion, to a booklist discussion,... It didn't work which is just as well because living in what is called a "dead zone"we only have dial up at home and it wouldn't have worked anyway;Alas,alas!

Likewise my Project Gutenberg blog has dissapeared off the face of the earth too.This ending and new beginning has become hard.


I couldn't get anywhere with the podcasting thing. I tried for a week to connect to a Heroes podcast from ComicCon and to various Anime podcasts but couldn't get through to any of them.
It's just as well because at home we have dial up. Our street is in a "dead zone" so no high speed internet for us. Podcasting seems like a fun and convenient thing and everyone I know who has a connection thinks it's the bees knees and the cats mioux. Is that how you spell miaouu?